Carl's Military Surplus - Serving The Lawton-Fort Sill Community For Over 15 Years!

Carl's Military Surplus has been serving the Lawton-Fort Sill community for over 15 years. From the front of their current store, owners Carl and Wanna Gatliff can look down the road see the original location where they established "The Best Little Surplus Store in Town" back in 1985. After almost 10 years in that location, which was just outside the Sheridan Gate entrance to Fort Sill, the Gatliffs moved to their present location, 2615 N. Sheridan Road, only a half block further from the Sheridan gate. They've been in their current location for 5 years.

"People come to our store from all over," says Carl, "We carry a lot of the kinds of things that people want and need, but can't get in their own home towns." He shows visitors an eclectic collection of military hardware, clothing, and insignia... including unique items, such as ghillie suits, drill sergeant hat-presses, and camouflage netting.

An entire corner of the store is dedicated to military boots... lots of them, and in every style imaginable. According to Carl, their selection of boots is quite popular with military and civilian folks alike. He supplies boots to many of the workers at the nearby correctional facility, and outdoorsmen find the boots particularly well suited to the local terrain.

The pride that the Gatliffs take in their store and in their products is evident wherever you look as you wander through their shop. It's nicely appointed, unclutterd, and very well-organized. Be sure to stop in for a visit, and leave your preconceptions of what a "military surplus store" is supposed to be like at home, because this store will surprise and delight you!

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